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  • Program taught by a multi-millionaire online entrepreneur with over 12 years of online marketing experience
  • Learn REAL-WORLD SEO strategies, not just theories!
  • EXCLUSIVE: 4-Months Post-Program Mentoring guides you towards online success – GUARANTEED!
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SEO Certification - Asia Search Engine Academy

NEW!!! 4-Months ‘Live’ Mentoring. Fabian Lim will personally guide you (in a group) to build a REAL PROFITABLE online business in this mentoring program. GUARANTEED!
SEO Consulting


NEW!!! 4-Months ‘Live’ Mentoring. Fabian Lim will personally guide you (in a group) to build a REAL PROFITABLE online business in this mentoring program. GUARANTEED!

Companies are now seeking “SEO Certified” employees. Asia Search Engine Academy is the only training organization offering accredited training for Search Engine Optimization certification.

Attend our 5-day SEO workshop where you will have the chance to interact with industry experts and learn the intricacies of search engine optimization.

Enjoy step by step, personalized, hands-on instruction delivered to you by Asia’s foremost SEO expert, Fabian Lim.

With SEO certification, you will also be able to offer a solution to a growing need in the market.

The SEO mystery is solved at our Search Engine Optimization Workshops.

Instead of reliance on outdated information, you will learn search engine optimization utilizing the most innovative, up-to-date SEO methods and strategies based upon what is currently working right now.

You can now gain solid search engine marketing skills in just a matter of hours. Be prepared for some genuine changes in how people find your business online. When you implement what you have learned about search engine marketing at our SEO training.

What’s Brand New for the 2014/2015 SEO Mastery Workshops?

  • Infrastructure / Information Architecture (New!!!)
  • Google Penguin & Panda Rollouts (New!!!)
  • & SEO (New!!!)
  • Local SEO & Google Venice
  • Video SEO & Video Sitemap
  • Mobile Search & SEO
  • Strategies in Social Media Marketing
  • How to Use Google Analytics In Detail
  • Stress free link building strategies
  • How to spot hot new rising trends easily using Google data
  • Ways to examine on-page factors while you perform keyword research

New Workshop Session Added on Video Optimization:

  • Which SEO influences are most essential in Video
  • Discover How to Optimize your Videos for Maximum Visibility in SEO
  • Learn all about the importance of proper site maps for video
  • Discover ways you can use analytics for Video
  • Which video file formats are most effective with SEO. 
  • Now discover (without guessing,) how to know exactly which secondary and supporting terms are boosting the genuine relevance of your copy for any targeted keyword phrase. 
  • Discover all the latest and most powerful professional SEO tools for excelling in SEO accuracy – but also learn the process, so you can use these strategies without the need of expensive tools. We will demonstrate professional tools so you know about the latest, but we also show you how to work without needing the tool itself. 
  • Discover how you can overcome an extremely important challenge posed by the Personalization of Search with minimal fuss.
  • How to make a significant impact the Quality Score of any PPC landing page.

Benefits of Attending Our 5-Day SEO Certification Training:

  • Build genuine top placement skills and expertise in a very short period of time. Learn all of the up to date influences to building genuine relevancy for competitive keyword phrases.
  • Each workshop is limited enrollment (small personalized class size with attention to each participant)
  • Experience a totally different “stress free” approach to search engine optimization and SEM skill-building.
  • Stop wasting hours of valuable time chasing algorithms, but discover how to create pages that will stand the test of time at the top of the search engine rankings.
  • Take your learning to the next level beyond just “search engine marketing” by moving into the realm of getting visitors to respond, once they see your listings or land on your site.
  • View search engine marketing from above your competition, which until now, few have been able to achieve, gain the true edge you need to really compete in the rankings.
  • This SEO Workshop is focused on teaching you the full spectrum of search engine marketing and on imparting genuine skills to each individual student.
  • Build your skills by studying our high performance examples.
  • Refine your SEO skills with hands-on practice under our direction.
  • Your daily progress is benchmarked to ensure you grasp everything
  • Many of our students walk away with almost a “life changing” experience. Their outlook and goals are totally uplifted and changed, and they know that they can now achieve success . . . without any tricks and cheats.
  • Find out more about our 5-Day Advance SEO Training“The power of search will only strengthen. Its full power is yet to be realized.” – John Dvorak

With SEO Certification training run by Asia Search Engine Academy, the above problems are easily solved!

  • Our SEO graduates receive up-to-date information and monthly updates to ensure that information taught is cutting edge and accurate.
  • A complete written curriculum that is updated regularly is provided to students.
  • Graduates are encouraged to re-attend training and obtain re-certification annually to keep up-to-date of the latest SEO methods and techniques at hugely discounted rates.
  • Completion of our 5-days SEO Certification workshop offer students the option of earning university CEUs (Continuing Education Units) from the University of Southern Mississippi

About Asia Search Engine Academy

Fabian Lim is currently the Chief Trainer at Asia Search Engine Academy. Fabian has worked with Search Engine Academy (USA) to bring professional SEO, SEM and business training to the Asia market. Currently, the Asian SEO market suffers from the following:

  • Lack of Structured Certification
  • No authoritative place with accurate, up-to-date SEO information
  • No written curriculum to ensure SEO consultants posses proper skills and methodologies
100% Success Guarantee!
  • Real-World SEO Training
  • 4-Months Post-Program Mentoring
  • 5-Star Graduate Reviews